Azemobor Gregory, is the Founder/President of Azemobor Gregory Foundation. He is also the Chief Servant of Voice of Divine Truth Int’l Outreach , a  charitable organization that is promoting the virtue of love amongst humanity. He is an Iconoclast, advocating the abolishment of religion and human ideologies that presently rule the world. According to him, he is on a mission to redirect humanity back to its Creator, by urging mankind to accept the supremacy and sovereignty of God’s natural laws over their religions/ideological systems.

 The vision of  Azemobor Gregory Foundation  is to build a Charity City that will provide free housing; free food kitchen; free cloth bank; free hospital; free university etc for millions of poor Nigerians and Africans by the year 2025. The activities of the charity city will inspire religious leaders and global government to promote the cause of love and our shared humanity.

Azemobor Gregory popularly called an Apostle of Humanity is a friend to the poor and the needy. For the past 15 yrs, He has been involved in MASSIVE HUMANITARIAN ACTIVITIES, touching the lives of the widows, the orphans, the street kids, the sick, the disable, the unemployed youths, the drug addicts and the street urchins. His dream is to see a world where nobody lives in lack.

He is the convener of the Project-Help-a-Child Global Campaign, an initiative that is promoting the welfare of millions of indigent kids all over the world.

Azemobor Gregory is the Publisher and editor-in-Chief of VOCNEWSONLINE, a revolutionary online news platform that is set to reverse the negative news reportage of the global media. VOCNEWSONLINE exclusively promotes positive news, celebrate good people and their noble deeds.

Azemobor Gregory is the Founder, MD/CEO of Bethelmendels Group of Companies, an indigenous conglomerate with vast interest in local manufacturing of footwears, Importation and sales of artificial grass for landscaping.

Azemobor Gregory is a seasoned motivational speaker and business counselor. He is married to Joyce Azemobor with two lovely kids, Wealth and Gregory(Jnr) and Zoey.

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