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Our Current Projects

— Widow Empowerment

In line with our vision to support the cause of the poor, our organization  launched an empowerment project, in 2018 to lift 10,000 widows and  indigent  mothers out of poverty.

This project is aimed at equipping indigent widows with petty business opportunities, skills and free capital to support start-ups or boost existing businesses with the objective of improving their livelihood.

  • Widows already running thriving petty businesses will receive a free grant of N20,000 ($60) to boost their businesses
  • Widows interested in starting petty businesses will be trained, assessed and supported with a start-up capital of N20,000 ($60).
  • This scheme is targeted to empower 10,000 widows and indigent mothers, between May 2018- December 2022
  • It is a fact that most widows have children and other dependents, whose livelihood will be positively impacted with this project.

This noble project to restore hope to poor widows and needy mothers to support their livelihood, requires the contribution and generosity of well-meaning individuals and organizations like your to make it a reality.

We therefore humbly request your kind support as a financial partner to enable us actualize this great initiative. 

Current Funding Status:

The bulk of our limited funding since the commencement of this project in May 2018 has come from our few team members and other few individuals who believe in our cause. The poor inflow of financial support has seriously limited the pace of empowering the poor widows. Hence the imperatives for us to seek for external assistance to enable us achieve our target of empowering 10,000 widows and indigent mothers by December 2022.


We maintain proper records of donations /cash inflow and expenditures (administrative, projects and charity) which are presented to our members and partners on demand. This is done with a view to maintaining a transparent and accountable status.


kindly view some of the widows’ empowerment activities by visiting our websites and social media handles:
Youtube: Azemobor Gregory

We hopefully look forward to your favorable response, as a financial partner, to help lift 10,000 widows, indigent mothers and their families out of poverty.
Thank you in anticipation for your positive response.

— Project Help a Child Global Campaign

The vision of project-Help-A-Child Global Campaign is to create a world where no child lives in lack! By inspiring at least 100 million people all over the world to care and sponsor at least 100 million indigent children. This gesture no doubt will help to reduce global poverty, child mortality, crime rate, violence, social vices and ultimately promote the much needed global peace and stability.

The idea behind the project is to encourage individuals to take responsibility for the upkeep of a non-biological child the same way one would care for a biological child. The sponsorship covers feeding, clothing, medical bill and scholarship provided for the child while he or she still lives with the biological parents.

  • It will promote universal brotherhood and strong fellowship amongst humanity
  • It will destroy the barriers of religion, as a Christian could sponsor the child of a Moslem or other religions and vice versa.
  • It will bridge the gap between the rich and the poor and help to reduce the scourge of global poverty
  • It will be a veritable tool to combat the menace of crime and violence, as neglected children are easily recruited to become criminals and societal misfits
  • Ultimately, it will help to restore the much needed peace and stability in the world

This call is to You, reading this message right now, resolve TODAY to help a CHILD!!.

Invest in building lives, rather than in building houses and acquiring properties. This is the only true, enduring riches in life. The poorest man on earth is the man that lives a selfish and self-centered life. Let’s think beyond our immediate family, and try to be a blessing to one child out there.


Sponsor a Child

Direct Sponsorship: Under this arrangement the sponsor takes full responsibility for the upkeep of the child. He cares for the child exactly the same way he would care for his biological child. The only difference is that the sponsored child still lives with his biological parents. The upkeep of the child would include regular allowance sent to the parents for the child’s feeding, clothing, medical and education. In essence the child is actually becomes a foster child of the sponsor.

How to sponsor a child directly: Identify a poor child within your locality. Approach the parents and make a commitment to be responsible for the child’s upkeep-feeding, clothing, education, guidance- from infancy to adulthood. You do this while the child still lives with the biological parents. Project-Help-a Child Initiative could also link you up to a poor family whose child/children need support. We have a lot of poor children on our data base that are waiting right now to be sponsored. You can sponsor any poor child anywhere in the world, distance certainly is not a barrier.

Provide Scholarship:

Many poor children of school age are out of school because their parents cannot afford it. You could identify such children in your locality and offer them scholarship. Private schools are also encourage to institute scholarship schemes to cater for the education of indigent students

Offer Free medical Assistance:

Many poor children die avoidable death yearly, because their parents cannot afford medical services. Many are afflicted with serious ailment that require huge amount of money that is beyond their parents’ financial capabilities. Project-Help-a-Child initiative solicits for public support for indigent children with medical challenges. We also create awareness to inspire people to care for sick children

Free School Meal:

One of the greatest problem facing poor children globally is hunger and malnutrition. Many children die annually due to extreme hunger and malnutrition. To raise global awareness for this scourge, Project-Help-a-Child initiative organizes the Free School Meal event to offer free meal to pupils in School. The event is purely an advocacy to inspire government, NGO, corporate bodies, and public-spirited individuals all over the world to emulate the gesture and replicate it in school in poor localities. The program is also aimed at entrenching a global culture where people can offer to feed at least one each every day. 



Together we can create a world where no child lives in lack! “ Every Child is your Child”

support us and change the course of a person's life today!

— Free Food Bank

  • The free food bank is aimed at providing free food items to the poor amongst us :  widows, indigent mothers and jobless youths. The food items include rice, yam, beans, noodles, beverages etc..
  • The food bank receives food item donations from kind-hearted individuals and corporate organizations from time to time
  • The food items received are distributed FREE to poor families, widows, single parents etc irrespective of their religion, tribe or nationality. The distribution are done monthly, weekly or Daily within our office premises, depending on the availability of food items
  • The expected food items to be donated include Rice, beans, garri, yam, oil and all manufactured foods etc.

— Free Food Bank​

Clothing is a basic need to all humans. But sadly many poor people around us especially indigent kids go about naked or with tattered clothes. This is so sad! The aim of the cloth bank therefore is to provide   free clothes to as many people as possible that need clothing. The cloth bank receives cloth donations from kind-hearted individuals, boutiques, cloth dealers and fashion houses. The clothes are washed, dry cleaned and packaged to be distributed FREE to all those that need clothing- indigent kids, destitute, street children, orphanage home, widows etc.

On a daily basis, people work into our office to get free clothes for their use.

The items needed include: Adult clothes, children clothes, shoes, bags, household appliances etc

— Free Food Kitchen

Food is a basic need for all humans, but unfortunately many people go to bed hungry every day. Many children are either malnourished or are dying of starvation as we speak. Something has to be done to stem this ugly occurrence. If we all make commitment each to feed one hungry person a day, the problem of global hunger will be seriously abated.

Azemobor Gregory Foundation organizes Free Food Kitchen from time to time to feed the poor especially during Festive periods. We hope to organize the FREE food kitchen daily or weekly as we get more support from donors, partners and manufacturing companies.

— Free Medical Service

We experience avoidable deaths every day in our society because the poor cannot afford expensive medical services. Infant and maternal  mortality is on the increase. We all need to rise as individuals and organizations to this challenge. Hence Azemobor  Foundation provides FREE medical services to the poor in the society. The services will include: free check- up, free eye test, free dispensed drugs, free mosquito net distribution , provision of financial support for kids with serious ailment ( heart surgery) etc

— Free Business Empowerment Training

We  provide free business training and empowerment for widows, unemployed youths and poor families as a more sustainable economic support .To this extent regular trainings,  counseling, mentorship are provided for all those looking for jobs or those intending to start  petty businesses. Disbursement of soft loans are also be provided for all qualified beneficiaries of our training program.

We seek to work in collaboration with corporate organization that will provide the fund to be disbursed as soft loan.

— Free Housing Unit

The need for shelter is a basic human need. But unfortunately many people have no room over their head in Nigeria, Africa and indeed all over the world.  Azemobor Gregory Foundation has envisioned to build 100,000 free housing units for destitutes and poor families in Nigeria  by 2025