An aged widow laments on ill-treatment by government officials (KAI)

an aged widow

An aged widow laments on ill-treatment by government officials (KAI)

Remember Mrs Dorothy Iwu a 70yrs old widow that was empowered by the Azemobor Gregory Foundation some months ago to boost her roasted yam and plantain business, which she sells at the Dopemu under bridge, Lagos.

Yesterday during the Azemobor Gregory Foundation usual team visit to check on the welfare of Mrs Dorothy, she lamented bitterly about an unfortunate incident that happened on the 21st June, which involved the Kick Against Indiscipline (KAI) team, Lagos, confiscating all her goods which includes (Yam, Coconut, Charcoal) and even the stool she sits on to sell roasted yam at Dopemu under bridge Lagos.

In a saner clime, Mrs Dorothy, ought to be admitted into old people’s homes and being cared for by the government but unfortunately, Nigeria does not have such facilities for her senior citizens. So sad!
And to crown it up the Nigerian government does not have an iota of compassion nor sympathy for its citizens even to the aged and poor.

Mrs Dorothy Iwu lost her husband 5 years ago and struggles to survive on the street from petty trading-selling roasted yam and plantain. She took the responsibility of caring for herself in a hard way despite her old age, in a bid not to be a burden to her children who are also not finding it easy.

She could not hide her grief as she laments on the heartbreaking predicament but proofing to be a strong woman to survive, she used her little savings to re-start her business with roasted corn and coconut.

If the KICK AGAINST INDISCIPLINE LAGOS were only doing their job, how about giving them another means of livelihood, what happened to care for the old people, Pensioners are in tears daily due to an unstable meagre pension, should they all go hungry because the government has made a law to ban roadside food sellers or hawkers?

Let’s all rise to our feet and support the poor, you might not have much but the little you have can go a long way for someone’s survival especially for an aged widow.
Let’s prove to the government that our golden hearts is what keeps us united.

True life and purposeful living are beyond our selfish individual comfort.

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