Azemobor Gregory Foundation Puts a Smile on the face of Mrs Aghahon.

Azemobor Gregory Foundation

Azemobor Gregory Foundation puts a smile on the face of Mrs Aghahon a homeless widow with the provision of a shelter she could call hers.

Mrs Aghahon, a widow, Who was homeless for 2 years, sleeping on the street in Ikeja with her 5 children, now has a roof over her head.

You recall, a few weeks ago the Azemobor Gregory Foundation had paid the sum of #122,000 for a modest one-room apartment for Mrs Aghahon in the Agege area of Lagos. Also, #16,000 was paid for painting and sundry repairs.

Today, as we paid her a visit she could not hide the joy and happiness of finally leaving the street for a home of her own.

To God be the glory!

Special appreciation goes to all our donors and partners who believe in us and are supporting us to serve humanity. Thank you.

Our Message!
The pictures and videos of our charitable activities are NOT meant to IMPRESS anyone, but to INSPIRE us to reach out and positively touch the lives of the needy and the vulnerable around you.

Over 10 million Nigerians are homeless. If you drive through the streets of Lagos at night, you would be shocked to see lots of persons sleeping under the bridges and streets in Lagos. That is the sad situation, and unfortunately, society and the government are not paying compassionate attention to this ugly reality.

Look! You too can take a family out of the street.
That is our message!

True life and purposeful living are beyond our selfish individual comfort.
Live for others!
Live for humanity!
Together we can make the world a better place.

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