Azemobor Gregory Foundation Rehabilitated ‘Area boy’ smiles again

Azemobor Gregory Foundation

Seun a ‘former Area boy’, Rehabilitated by the Azemobor Gregory Foundation has a reason to smile again as a new apartment was rented for him by the Foundation after he was ejected from his former house and had to sleep in a public school for months

You all Remember Seun 29 yrs old, who used to live on the street in Ikeja as an ‘area boy’.

He reunited with his family after the Azemobor Gregory Foundation team counselled him last year, and he also subsequently enrolled as an apprentice with a fashion outfit and even got married as well.

But unfortunately, early this year, his landlord ejected him from the house he rented in Mowe, Ogun state, due to his inability to afford the rent, and he had no other option than to take his few belongings to an uncompleted building and at nights, he would sleep in a classroom at a popular secondary school, at Ofada Mowe, Ogun State.

Due to his homeless condition, his wife and baby had to move to Benin Republic to live with her parents. He had to persuade her to do so as he couldn’t bear to see her and their child exposed to the harsh weather (Rain, Sun, Cold and even mosquito bites).

Seun failed to inform the foundation about his predicament, not until their little son died in Cotonou. It was heart-breaking news for the team when Seun eventually informed us about the death of his son and his homeless condition. Immediately, the Azemobor Gregory Foundation team swung into action, searched for a room apartment for Seun and instantly paid the sum of #62,000 for the annual rent.

Today, Seun has a roof over his head. He couldn’t hide his joy as he appreciated the Azemobor Gregory Foundation and its Partners/Donors for giving him a roof over his head. The team has also instructed him to bring back his wife from Benin Republic and she would be financially empowered to start a petty business.

The Azemobor Gregory Foundation has also promised to fully support Seun to complete his apprenticeship as an industrial tailor.

To God be the glory!!

Beloved, we can make the world a better place, when we look for opportunities to add value to the lives of people around us and not excluding the street hustlers, the people we often refer to as (Agbero/Area boys) .

A self-centred life is a wasted life! You were not created to live only for yourself. Your life is a gift from God designed to benefit others.

Together we can make the world a better place to live in.

Do you think everyone deserves to be loved regardless of their past or who they are? Drop your comments below

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