Counselling traumatized widows at the Azemobor Gregory Foundation.


Counselling traumatized widows at the Azemobor Gregory Foundation –

Today during the widows weekly counselling session of the Azemobor Gregory Foundation, The International coordinator, Apostle Azemobor Gregory helped the widows understand the reasons to free themselves off trauma.

The International coordinator in his words made them understand that they’re meant to live for their children after their husband’s demise and urge them not to allow the bitterness from the past to stop them from achieving their goals and abandon the children.

Widows are to develop inner strength and live for their children, free themselves off every trauma because we live in a world where even the deceased family are not willing to assist. A lot of widows allow this trauma to weigh them down and to an extent, it affects the children that is why the Azemobor Gregory Foundation has dedicated a counselling program for widows and even indigent mothers.

The counselling session is meant to help eradicate Trauma and Depression from their grief so they can have a sound mind to make an effective decision, leading to positive change in their lives.

Beloved, helping one person might not CHANGE the whole world but it could change the world for one person.

Together we can make the world a better place to live in.


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