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Christmas is a time of good cheer and gladness, but, for many, it can be a time of great difficulty. Some may be mourning the loss of a loved one, while others may struggle to provide for their family.
Over four million indigent families would rather avoid the festive season altogether, simply because they feel so empty and alone.
Too often, we get caught up in the dizzying busyness of Christmas, forgetting what matters. With this holiday set to be like no other, let’s make it our goal to spread cheer to those who are near. A RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS CAN GO A LONG WAY—and may be the lifeline they require.
Use this Christmas to reach out to those on your street; check in with them to see whether you can provide them with food supplies, give them a phone call, or ask if you can help to pick up shopping.
Random Acts of Kindness Christmas outreach is targeted at distributing 150 food items to indigent families on the streets of Lagos.
You can do likewise!
Never throw away food when you have the poor, needy, hungry, and less privileged around you. Always remember that you are an ambassador of God on earth.
Love is the reason for the season.
Together, we can create a world where no one lives in lack.

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