Hope restored as Mrs Cecilia received free cash grant to start a petty trade.


Hope restored as Mrs Cecilia received free cash grant to start a petty trade.

Join us to lift 10,000 widows out of poverty.

Mrs Cecilia is a dedicated and hardworking widow but life became sour as she finds it difficult to feed herself and her four (4) children after she lost her husband Mr Ochigbo.

Mr Ochigbo died in 2011 to a very traumatic and heartbreaking incident, he was involved in a ghastly motor accident that occurred whilst he was journeying from Jos, Plateau State after a successful promotional Course in the Nigerian Police Force (NPF)

Mrs Ochigbo faced a lot of ordeals, during that trying moment she was forcefully evicted from the apartment she and her family occupied in the barracks whilst her husband was still alive.

Kindness crept in when a good Samaritan who’s a retired soldier and also a landlord met her and her children by the roadside, being drained from a heavy rainfall with nowhere to go, he offered her a room apartment to stay at Cement, Agege Lagos in which she can pay the rent installmentally.

She ventured into all sorts of petty trade but has settled to selling soup items after the International coordinator of the Azemobor Gregory Foundation, Apostle Azemobor Gregory, held a counselling/ business empowerment training session with her.

Today, The Azemobor Gregory Foundation empowered and supported Mrs Cecilia Ochigbo with a free cash grant of N30,000 to start a petty soup business. It was a great relief to her as she received the cash grant to start a petty trade, words can’t describe her exultation as she kept on blessing the foundation and its partners, admonishing that she will never lose hope as her story in no distant time will be a thing of the past, once she starts the soup business.

The pictures and videos of our empowerment are meant to inspire you to also look out and positively impact in the lives of others and also to inspire you to help the needy around you.

“There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.” – John Holmes

Together we can create a world where no one lives in lack.

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