How azemobor gregory foundation is powering ten (10) esan youth in training concept of content creation/facebook monetization.

The Azemobor Gregory Foundation is set to partner ONT Multimedia Concepts in training Ten (10) Esan Youths on FACEBOOK Content Creation & Monetization, thereby empowering them with the on-demand skills to launch into the vastly untapped gold mine of Social Media Content Creation.

The 10 trainees will learn The A-Z of Social Media Content Creation & Monetization.

In a 2 Days Intensive Training, Plus a Six Month Coaching & Mentorship, they will be equiped to become Social Media Content Creators and start earning in dollars with their social media handles.

~ Introduction to Content Creation & Monetization
~ Best Way to Create Facebook/Instagram Pages for Content Creation
~ Best Content for Beginners
~ Facebook Monetization & Set-Up
~ How to get more views and 100k followers as a beginner
~ Hitting Monetization Requirements in One Month
~ How to go viral on Facebook in one month
~ Facebook Hacks & Secrets No One Will Tell You About Content Creation

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