Indigent Mother receives a free cash grant to boost her petty trade from partners of the Azemobor Gregory Foundation.

Indigent mother

Join us to lift 10,000 widows and indigent mothers out of poverty.

Mrs Florence Obasi an indigent mother with 2 kids received a free cash grant of #20,000 to boost her petty business today at our office in Ikeja.

The donation was made by volunteers of Faith Army Ministry International, a Christian charity organization based in the United Kingdom, with a mission to preach the gospel of love to humanity.

Mrs Obasi the Indigent mother could not hide her tears of joy as she receives the cash donation while expressing thanks to the ministry for this kind gesture to support her family.

Mrs Obasi hawks soft drinks and bottled water at computer village Ikeja. She struggles with her husband to feed their family every day. They practically live from hand to mouth. And so it was a great relief when she received the cash donation to boost her business, as she has promised to use the money judiciously for that purpose

To God be the glory!

Many thanks to the president of the Faith Army Ministry International ( United Kingdom), my own very big sister, Pastor(Mrs) Mercy Bello, for believing in us and for this great partnership to lift 10,000 widows and indigent mothers out of poverty in Nigeria, Thank you ma. May God continue to bless you and your ministry.

Our Message! The pictures and videos of our charitable activities are NOT meant to IMPRESS anyone, but to INSPIRE us to reach out and positively touch the lives of the needy and the vulnerable around us, especially neglected widows and indigent struggling mothers

Look! You too can put a smile on the face of anyone suffering in your community, That is our message!

True life and purposeful living is beyond our selfish individual comfort. Live for others! Live for humanity!

Together we can make the world a better place.

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