Join Us To Lift 10000 Widows And Indigent Mothers Out Of Poverty

Widow Empowerment

Two mothers, Mrs Afolanyan(a widow) and Mrs Ruth Uche received #40,000 to support their children’s education this term. 
This is a fulfillment of our promise since 4 years ago, to support their children’s education from Primary school to University. 
To God be the glory.
Beloved, we are not showing you these pictures to impress or show off to you that we can help people. 
No! Rather, this is how we practically preach the message of love to inspire You to show love to others as well

13.5 million Nigeria children are out of school!
What are you doing about it! You can sponsor a child to school today, to help create a better tomorrow for Nigerian children.
God bless you as you show kindness to helpless kids in our midst.

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