Scholarship: Update on the scholarship of Mrs Afolayan’s children, Dare and Michael Afolayon.


Scholarship: Update on the Educational scholarship for the children of a widow, Mrs Afolayan, sponsored by the Azemobor Gregory Foundation.

6 years ago, we made a commitment to sponsor Michael and Dare, the children of a widow, Mrs Afolayan, from Primary school to university.

To God be the glory, we have remained faithful to that commitment ever since then.

Few days ago, They visited us in the office, to show appreciation for our kind gesture and also to give a report of their performance in school.

I am happy to announce to you, that Michael has completed his secondary school Exams and is preparing to write JAMB to gain admission into the University while Dare is in SS3, preparing for his final Exams.

Beyond, Schooling we also encouraged the boys to learn a skilled trade by the side. Michael apprenticed as a phone technician while Dare is learning how to make shoes. Their mother could not hide her joy as our support and mentorship are equipping the children for a better future for the family.

To God be the glory! Beloved, we are not showing you these pictures and videos to impress you. Rather we urge you, as you see what we do, to join us to give hope to millions of indigent children out there, especially the children of widows.

Look out for poor children on the street and sponsor their education and livelihood. Trust me, It is an investment that has an eternal reward.

13 million Nigerian children are out of school. You see them on the street during school time, while driving to work and you feel cool. Do you know that many children die every day from common diseases because their parents can’t afford basic medicare.

What about millions of malnourished children in various IDP camps spread across the country. The tales of suffering for hapless Nigerian children are endless.

You can do something, we can do something. All it takes is a heart of love and a sense of sacrifice. That is the core message of the Project-Help-a-Child Global Campaign.

My good brother and a fellow apostle of humanity, Benjamin Ibadin was on ground with us to host the family. Thank you bros for all your support towards our noble cause.


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