Throwback: A young widow receives support to boost her petty trade.


A 25 years old young widow, with a 4-month old baby, receives N20,000 to support her coconut chip business
(This support was made possible by the donation from a beloved brother, who does not want his name mentioned. May God who sees everything bless you abundantly)

Mrs Damilola Ajiwe lost her husband on the 1st of March 2019 to Hepatitis B disease while she was 7 months pregnant. The trauma of her husband’s demise has left her devastated emotionally.

Now she is left alone to cater for her 4-month old baby while presently living with her mother. The late husband’s family had confiscated his property leaving her with nothing. Life indeed has been cruel to her.

She came to our office, weeping profusely about her predicament, and requesting our support to boost her petty business so she could take care of her little baby and herself.
The team then presented the sum of N20,000 to her to boost her coconut chip business.


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