A widowed police wife receives a free cash grant to restart her petty trade.


Join us to lift 10,000 widows and indigent mothers out of poverty!

The Bowl of Mercy Foundation (Calgary, Canada based charity organization) puts smiles on the face of a widow whose late husband, a policeman, was brutally murdered in the course of duty

Mrs Joy Agbe, a 41 years old widow from Cross River state has been living a pathetic life since the death of her husband, a policeman.

After the death of her husband, Mrs Agbe was forcefully ejected out of the police barracks with her 4 children. Ever since she has been homeless, squatting with family and friends.

Life has been unfair to her as she is saddled with the responsibility of taking care of herself, her four (4) children and her 2-year-old niece (Daughter of her late sister).
Mrs Agbe’s petty snacks and soft drinks business suffered a setback due to the covid-19 pandemic and in a bid to put food on the table for her family she took up a menial cleaning job where she was paid #12,000 a month, which was insufficient to cater for her family needs

But today, the Bowl of Mercy Foundation team ( Partners to Azemobor Gregory Foundation) came to her aid and presented the sum of N25,000 to Mrs Agbe to re-start her Snacks and soft drinks business.

Mrs Agbe after receiving the sum of #25,000 became gleeful and in gratifying words, she wholeheartedly prayed for the Foundation and the President Mrs Patricia Jebose, as she couldn’t suppress her joy.

To God be the Glory!

Beloved, This story is meant to inspire us all to reach out in love and support countless widows and indigent mothers living in abject poverty in Nigeria.

You can make a donation to a widow or Indigent mother Today, God is counting on you.

Let’s take up the responsibility to cater for the needy, where the government have failed, by showing LOVE to humanity.


Special thanks to the President/ Founder of Bowl of Mercy Foundation (Calgary, Canada) Mrs Patricia Jebose, for believing in us and this great partnership to support widows.
God bless you ma.

Together we can make the world a better place!

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