Project-help-a-child Educational support for Mrs Uche twin kids.


Today, the Project-help-a-child team under the Azemobor Gregory Foundation, made a cash donation as educational support to Mrs Uche’s twin kids

John and Joy, Mrs Ruth Uche’s 3rd set of twin have been beneficiaries of the project-help-a-child educational support scheme for about 6 years now.

Six yrs ago. Mrs Ruth Uche’s husband Mr Emeka, fled from his family, due to Hypengyophobia (Irrational fear of responsibilities) after his wife gave birth to the third set of twins. Mr Emeka eventually reunited with the family after public interventions to help with the welfare of the children.

Today, the Project-help-a-child team under the Azemobor Gregory Foundation made a cash donation to Mrs Ruth Uche as our termly support in fulfilling of commitment to sponsoring the children’s education on a complete scholarship basis, from Primary school to the University level.

To God be the glory Beloved!!!

The pictures and videos of our support to the Uche’s family is not meant to impress you or show off, as many would misconstrue our actions. This is meant to inspire you to help others, we may not be able to help every poor person out there, but when you are inspired by our actions and also do likewise, I assure you…Together we can create a world where no child lives in lack!

Beloved if you are inspired, share this to also inspire others to support the course of humanity.

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