Azemobor Gregory – The God you seek is within.

Azemobor Gregory

Azemobor Gregory; The God You Seek is Within!

The bewilderment that awaits many of us that are religious zealots, is the ultimate realization that religion is an organized scam, a man-made boondoggle designed to delude mankind from the knowledge of the true God.

Many of us grew up tutored and programmed to accept the religion practised by our parents, and this to a large extent shaped our piety and beliefs. Also, the part of the world where you were born would invariably influence your religious orientation and affiliation.

The greatest malfeasance of religion, however, is the misrepresentation of God to mankind. The account of the identity and nature of God-given by religion is subtle chicanery to hoodwink humanity. To put it plainly, many of us have no knowledge of the true God other than the imaginary picture painted by our religion.

The ‘God’ we think we know as religious devotees, is an invention of man, and not the true God. I know this truth could be difficult for many of us who are hypnotized by religious doctrines to comprehend, and in fact, the salient message of this piece could be dismissed as the ‘ranting of an anti-Christ’. But before you wave this ‘revelation’ away, let me show you how your religion has misled you into worshipping an ‘unknown religious God’. Follow me……..

The difference between the True God and Religious ‘God’

1. The true God is the supreme being who is the creator and owner of the universe, The religious ‘God’ is a human concept , a man-made phenomenon

2. The true God is one indivisible entity; The religious ‘God’ has a plural identity. Every religion, sects or denomination have their unique ‘Gods’ that is different from one another

3. The true God does not recognize any religion and He is not the author of any religion propagated by man

4. The true God is real, He is the Force of life behind the universe. The reality of this ‘Force’ is seen in His ubiquitous creations. The physical earth is sublime evidence of actuality. The religious ‘God’ is fake, unreal and a mere deception

5. The true God does not need any ‘holy book’ to communicate with us. He speaks to our hearts as our ‘ moral conscience’ ‘Holy books’ are man-made written fables, traditions and doctrines designed to brain wash and control the minds of people

6. The true God operates by natural laws or principles that govern the universe. They are unwritten and infallible. They apply to every of God’s creation. The religious ‘God’ operate by creed and doctrines codified in man-made ‘holy books’

7. The true God does not dwell in man-made temples. He dwells in the heart of men

8. To serve humanity is no serve the true God. Service to religious ‘God ‘is done through complicated rituals and activities

9. Righteousness before the True God is defined by a life of purpose and service to humanity, but religious righteousness is a measure of your adherence to man-made doctrines

10. The true God created us to manifest his creative and moral nature on earth, but religion is preparing his followers for ‘imaginary heaven or paradise’

11. The true God communicates and speaks to us directly in our hearts. He does not need the intermediary of clergymen, who are mere custodians of organized religious traditions

12. The true God does not discriminate among humans, we all belong to him. He is God to all. The religious ‘God’ is God only to the faithful believers of each religion, the true God is a spirit that dwells in our heart, who constantly seeks expression in our moral conduct and goodness to others. This is the concept of SPIRITUALITY!

You have lived a lie all your life!!!


Azemobor Gregory The God you seek is within!

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