Amazing life-changing testimony of a beneficiary, Mrs Ella.


Amazing life-changing testimony of Mrs Ella an indigent single mother who lost her job due to the Covid19 pandemic received financial assistance from the Faith Army Ministry International to boost her petty business worth 10 pairs of footwear.

In a bid to encourage Mrs Ella the international coordinator of the Azemobor Gregory Foundation bought footwears from Mrs Ella worth N21,000 for his employees at Bethelmendels group.

Today Mrs Ella’s business is worth 50 footwears and 20 ladies inner wears as she testifies.

According to Mrs Ella, while having a discussion with the Azemobor Gregory Foundation team, her plans is to input more income into the business till it becomes bigger.

Mrs Ella looks happier compared to the first time she was at the office for help.

To God be the glory!!!

Special thanks to the President of the Faith Army Ministry International, Mrs Mercy Bello for believing in us and for the partnership to lift 10,000 widows and indigent mothers out of poverty in Nigeria.
May God bless your ministry Ma.

This is to INSPIRE us to reach out and positively touch the lives of the needy and the vulnerable around us, especially neglected widows and indigent struggling mothers

This is to inspire you to also give someone a reason to live and a reason to be thankful.

You too can put a smile on the face of any one suffering in your community.

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