Azemobor Gregory; Christmas and the Festivity of Greed

Azemobor Gregory

Azemobor Gregory “Christmas day celebration all over the world is typically heralded by an unusual beehive of commercial activities”.

Many people, Christians and non-Christians, alike, go out of their ways to engage in what could be aptly termed “ shopping mania”.

A visit to most markets and shopping malls across the world would reveal an avalanche of persons trooping out in their multitude to buy almost everything under the sun: from food items, clothes, to decorative accessories, the list is endless. of course, the greatest beneficiaries of this season of profuse mercantile activities are the various businesses who offer their products to meet the needs of yuletide shoppers, while the enterprise owners smile to the bank with loads of profit.

This piece is not intended to dwell on the gale of the brouhaha surrounding the ‘religious correctness’ of Christmas as the actual day Christ was born or the biblical validation of the celebration by Christ himself and his apostles.

Just recently, some religious bigwigs in Nigeria have openly denounced the commemoration of Christmas even though, over the years they have been major protagonists of the event, And one is not moved by their ignominious volte-face either!

Be that as it may, my focus here is to exhume the commercialization of this religious invention called Christmas and also to expose the capitalist underbelly of yuletide.
Azemobor Gregory “It is unambiguously clear to any discerning mind that the Christmas celebration is now more of a capitalist tool for merchandising and aggressive profiteering, than an ecclesiastical event to mark the nativity of Jesus Christ and the ideals he lived and died for”.

The archetypal lifestyle that Christ exemplified and the consummate nobility of his message of love and brotherhood to mankind are relegated to the background while capitalist proclivity, self-indulgence and the pursuit of vanity typify the commemoration of Christmas. So, it is important to assert here that although Christmas was originally a creation of the Christian religion and marked as an annual ritual…

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