A struggling single mother who lost her job during the Covid19 pandemic gets aid to boost her petty trade.

Azemobor Gregory Foundation

Today Azemobor Gregory Foundation partnering with the Faith Army Ministry International (FAMI) the UK-based foundation, donated the sum of N20,000 to Mrs Ella to help her grow her business.

Mrs Ella is a young but struggling single Indigent mother who hails from Benue state but lives in Lagos, Above all Mrs Ella is a graduate.

She consequently lost her job as a result of the covid19 pandemic that affected worldwide nations and has subsequently been unable to secure a job.

However, with her strength and courage to move ahead, she was able to start up a petty trade that involves buying and selling Fairly used ladies inner wears and shoes.

Mrs Ella has no doubt proved to be a strong woman who has not allowed her situations and life experiences to weigh her down.

Many thanks to our UK-based partner who made this possible through their immense support and kind donations, God bless you.

In Conclusion, Azemobor Gregory Foundation is on a mission to ignite LOVE in the heart of others to show compassion for the needy in addition to the GOODNESS in our humanity.

Together we can create a world where no one lives in lack.

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