Religion, federalism, can’t solve Nigeria’s problem- Azemobor Gregory

Azemobor gregory

Azemobor Gregory In an explosive interview with The Sunday Tribune, of 11th April 2021

My humble submission highlights the failure of man-made ideologies and systems in creating a better society for mankind.


How worried are you considering the poverty level in the country?

“In Nigeria today, we have a situation whereby those who are hungry are not sleeping and they have decided that those who are well-fed would no longer sleep. How do you expect to sleep in a country where over a hundred million people go to bed hungry? We are not addressing the root cause of insecurity in this country.

I Azemobor Gregory is concerned because of what I saw during the #EndSARS agitation, we all saw the army of angry unemployed youths who blocked everywhere during the lockdown, you saw what happened. If the restrictions had not been relaxed, the youth would have stormed residences of those who are well-to-do because they want to eat. The level of insecurity has increased in the country.

My biggest worry is that the government does not even understand the root of this problem. The problem is not even helped by the advice being given to the government by the so-called security experts who are of the view that the government should devise more capacity to contain insecurity rather than look at the root cause.”

Is what you do politically motivated?

No! All that I do is not politically motivated. I don’t have any interest in partisan politics.


You see, as an Apostle of God, I have noticed that a lot of things have gone wrong with the world today simply because humanity is not in alignment with godly principles, we have created human laws and these laws are antithetical to God’s laws that is why we have the problems that we have in the world today. Most of these problems are a result of man’s disobedience to the natural laws that God has put in place to create order and peace in the world.

One of the human ideologies that are creating problems in the world today is politics. I cannot fit into the political system of the world to correct the imperfections. When Jesus Christ came, he didn’t come to establish a religion. He came to introduce the kingdom of God or what I see as the government of God in the world.

Can you further explain what you mean?

If you look at the ideology that drives the governmental structure that was created by man, you will ask how we have not been able to create a system that is perfect in the world. If you look around, you will discover that there is no political system that is perfect in the world. For instance, in our democracy, does it make any sense that governments would spend billions of naira organising and conducting elections while millions of Nigerians are wallowing in poverty going to bed hungry? No democracy in the world is perfect because it is created by human beings using their own laws. Even the much-advertised American democratic credentials were called into question during their last presidential election. You see how (former President Donald) Trump almost messed up the credentials that the Americans parade before the world. We human beings form political systems that are not in tandem with godly principles.

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Why Religion, Federalism, Capitalism Cannot Solve Nigeria’s Problems — Azomobor

Why religion, federalism, capitalism cannot solve Nigeria’s problems — Azomobor

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