Azemobor Gregory Foundation – Every Child is Your Child!

Azemobor Gregory Foundation

Azemobor Gregory Foundation – Every Child is Your Child!

7 years ago we launched the Project-Help-a- Child Global Campaign to inspire individuals and society to cater for indigent kids, by taking responsibility for their upkeep. The bigger vision was to help create a world where no child lives in lack.

As I look back today, 7 years after, although we have touched very few children, millions of children are still hopeless because their parents are too poor to provide for them.

About 12 million Nigerian kids are out of school: many kids die every day from common diseases and malnutrition. You can do something! All it takes is love for humanity, compassion and a heart of sacrifice to help others who are in need.

In the eyes of God, every child is your child!

Many widows and poor families are struggling to cater for their children. God is counting on you to reach out to them in love. Remember that investment in humanity has an eternal reward!

Join us to create a world where no one lives in lack

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