How the Azemobor Gregory Foundation Scholarship Grant is Changing Lives: Emmanuella’s Story

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How the Azemobor Gregory Foundation Scholarship Grant is Changing Lives: Emmanuella’s Story

Join us to provide Education Scholarship Support for 100,000 Nigerian Indigent Kids

How the Azemobor Gregory Foundation Scholarship Grant is Changing Lives: Emmanuella’s Story

One of the beneficiaries of the Azemobor Gregory Foundation Scholarship Grant, Emmanuella, just gained admission into the university, and her matriculation was on Saturday 29th April 2023.
Congratulations to you Ella!

She was so elated, that the Foundation has made her dream of higher education possible despite losing her father to the cold hands of death last year

In her words:
“My name is Emmanuella Francis. I am 19 years old and a student at the prestigious Institute of Management Technology in Enugu, Nigeria. studying medical and laboratory science. I am a recipient of the Azemobor Gregory Foundation’s N100,000 Annual scholarship grant.

Since my dad’s death, my mom has been struggling with finances to care for me and my siblings, so the thought of pursuing higher education seemed like a far-fetched dream. Despite my passion for learning and my determination to succeed, I constantly found myself held back by my mom’s financial struggles. That was until I received this scholarship, which completely turned my life around. I’m not only realizing my dreams but also paving the way for future generations in my family to access education. The scholarship covers my tuition fees and other expenses throughout my studies.

You will never understand how important this scholarship is to me and my family. I will forever be grateful to the Azemobor Gregory Foundation for the support and sense of hope that the scholarship has given me, and I will continue to work hard to achieve my academic and career goals”.

Mrs. Francis thanked the organization and her donors for always helping them out. She kept on asking God to give Gregory Azemobor, the Apostle of Humanity, a long life so he might see the benefits of his good works in the lives of the less fortunate.
To God be the glory

The pictures and videos of our support for the Francis family are not meant to impress you or show off, as many would misconstrue our actions.

Our message:
Beloved, there are a lot of widows, Fatherless kids, and orphans out there who need your help; the Azemobor Gregory Foundation can’t reach out to all of them alone,
You too can do likewise!
We urge you to look out for any indigent child around you and offer them an educational scholarship
Remember every child is your child.
This is our message.
Together we can give hope and a better future for underprivileged children in our society!

Let us join hands to create a world where no one lives in lack

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