I am grateful for the kind gesture this foundation has shown to me

I am grateful for the kind gesture this foundation has shown to me We go to bed most nights hungry

I am grateful for the kind gesture this foundation has shown to me

Join us to provide Education Scholarship Support for 100,000 Nigerian Indigent Kids

My name is Kingsley Dominic. I am 14 years old. I attend Okeria Junior Grammar School, Ogba Ikeja, Lagos. I am in JSS1. I am a beneficiary of the Azemobor Gregory Foundation’s educational scholarship program. My mom has also benefited from his widow’s empowerment project.
In his words:

” Coming from a less-privileged family is severely a disadvantage. I seldom enjoy the simple amenities of life that we sometimes take for granted. I dream of toys, nutritious food, vitamins, and clean clothes, but these were beyond the reach of my siblings and mom. I am living a malnourished lifestyle cloaked in hardship. Since we lost our dad, my mom has been struggling alone in pain without any family support. We go to bed most nights hungry, hoping to see food the next day. My mom has managed to put us in school with the little profit she makes from her petty business. For some time now, I have not seen my mom wear good clothes or buy anything valuable for herself. She is in serious need of a helping hand. I can not even remember the countless times I was thrown out of school because of tuition fees. I cried home to see my poor mom, who could not even handle the situation. Life is just unfair to my household. My mom bought oversized sandals, which I used from primary five to JS1. I have grown to understand that my school uniform is my Christmas clothes. I have experienced so many hungry Christmas without food at a little age. Thank God for giving me a priceless mother, that gives her children everything even in these trying times.

I cannot express how delighted I was when the Azemobor Gregory Foundation project manager came to us today to inform my mom about the scholarship program. I am grateful for the kind gesture this foundation has shown to me. “

Today, the Educational scholarship program under the Azemobor Gregory Foundation made a cash donation of N100,000 to Mrs. Grace Dominic as our yearly educational scholarship support for her son. She also went further to promise that the money would be used judiciously for what it had been given.
To God be the glory
The pictures and videos of our support for the Dominic family are not meant to impress you or show off, as many would misconstrue our actions.
Let us join hands to create a better future for our indigent kids.

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