It takes love to give.

It takes love to give.

Join us to lift 10,000 Widows and Indigent Mothers out of Poverty.

Isaiah 1:17
‘’Learn to do right; seek justice. Defend the oppressed. Take up the cause of the fatherless; plead the case of the widow.’’
Mrs. Nancy Ndam, also known as Mama Comfort, is a 44-year-old widow whose husband passed away four years ago. She has three kids—a boy and two daughters—all of whom are unable to care for their basic requirements.
Currently, Mrs. Nancy resides in Police Workshop Barracks, Number 13, in Mobolaji Bank Anthony way ikeja Lagos.
‘’ My husband was a well-behaved police officer, and his untimely death has left me and my children grieving. The business of overseeing my children’s welfare and fulfilling both parental responsibilities has not been simple. After my husband’s funeral, I paid off remaining debt with the little help I had from church members. My children’s daily needs are so great that I have worked myself off my head to provide for them. From my husband’s side, no one is helping me. I did people’s laundry, and the small amount of money I was able to save from these menial occupations enabled me to launch a charcoal business worth 5,000 naira. Thanks to the daily profit, I and my children can only eat one square meal per day.’’
She was filled with joy and praise when the Azemobor Gregory Foundation gave her N50, 000 today, and she prayed to God to help the foundation grow financially.
To God be the glory
Please be aware that the videos and photographs of all of our humanitarian efforts are not intended to dazzle anyone; rather, they are meant to demonstrate to you how we teach people to love one another and that the only real “religion” that God accepts is service to others (James 1:27)
Aspire to be a giver today!!!


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