”My mom is a committed, widow”-Joshua Dominic

He also made a commitment to uphold good morals

”My mom is a committed, widow”-Joshua Dominic

Join us to provide Education Scholarship Support for 100,000 Nigerian Indigent Kids

”My mom is a committed, widow”-Joshua Dominic

Over the years, the Azemobor Gregory Foundation team, led by Apostle Gregory Azemobor, has been at the forefront of impacting the lives of the less privileged in our society. Today, the organization continues with its charitable works by supporting a poor orphan, Joshua Dominic, who lost his dad some years ago, with a scholarship grant of N100, 000 to support his education.
‘’The beneficiary child, Master Joshua Dominic, spoke during the presentation to thank the organization for helping to save him and his family. He also made a commitment to uphold good morals, do everything in his power to achieve academic success, and never let the organization down. Since our dad passed away, things have not been easy. I was unsure about how my mother would afford my tuition this year, owing to the fact that her business is facing setbacks and some other obligations she shared alone. God bless the organization for everything’’.
Mrs. Grace thanked Gregory Azemobor, the Apostle of Humanity, and pleaded with God to grant him longevity so he might witness the positive effects of his good deeds on the less fortunate.
To God be the glory
The pictures and videos of our support for the Dominic family are not meant to impress you or show off, as many would misconstrue our actions.
There are a whole lot of widows and orphans out there who need our help; the Azemobor Gregory Foundation can’t reach out to all of them alone, but with our collective efforts and our zealous spirit for charity, WE CAN.
Let us join hands to create a better future for our indigent kids.

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