‘’ A tireless widow’’-Dorcas Solomon

‘’ A tireless widow’’-Dorcas Solomon

‘’ A tireless widow’’-Dorcas Solomon

Join us to provide Education Scholarship Support for 100,000 Nigerian Indigent Kids

My name is Dorcas Haruna Solomon. I am 19 years old. I’m a psychology student at Gashus Yoba State Federal University in the faculty of Social Science. I am a recipient of the Azemobor Gregory Foundation’s N100, 000 scholarship grant. My mom is also a beneficiary of the Azemobor Gregory Foundation’s widow empowerment initiative. She was empowered with the sum of N50, 000 to boost her cocoa business some months ago.
In her word:
‘’Losing my dad was the greatest tragedy of all time. Nobody can fill that vacuum in my life. I can still remember his priceless smile. it is over six years now, and I know what my mom has been through within these years trying to put us through school. Taking responsibility for six children without family support is the greatest task for a widow. Life has dealt with us. Most of the time, I pray that God could end my life. But I just thank God for my tireless mother, who goes sleepless nights so we could have a better life.
You cannot understand how important this scholarship is to me and my family. Thank you for saving a generation, Azemobor Gregory Foundation’’.

Mrs. Deborah Solomon thanked the organization and her donors for always helping them out. She kept on asking God to give Gregory Azemobor, the Apostle of Humanity, a long life so he might see the benefits of his good works in the lives of the less fortunate.

To God be the glory
The pictures and videos of our support for the Solomon family are not meant to impress you or show off, as many would misconstrue our actions.
There are a whole lot of widows and orphans out there who need our help; the Azemobor Gregory Foundation can’t reach out to all of them alone, but with our collective efforts and our zealous spirit for charity, WE CAN.

Let us join hands to create a better future for our indigent kids.

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