ThrowbackTopic: God is a ‘Businessman’. – by Azemobor Gregory

You were created for the purpose of serving humanity. Your life is an embodiment of a solution to your world; you were designed to meet a specific need on earth. And your life is only profitable to God when it adds value to the lives of others.
Now hear this: When you choose to live a self-centered and a greedy lifestyle; a life that is only profitable to you and your family, You become useless to God and to humanity. You exist as mere biomass occupying space and wasting God’s investment of life on you

What I am saying may not make sense to you, because of the deception of material ‘riches ‘ that give you a false sense of value. But a time will come when you will have to give an account of your life before your maker.
Those that have ears let them hear

This year,2020, is another opportunity for you to repent and to follow the path of true life.

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