Widow taken off Street Begging, received support to start a petty trade.


Widow taken off Street Begging, received support to start a petty trade.

Finally, the poor widow with 3 kids I met on the street begging, has received N30,000 to start a petty food business and a free cell phone.

You recall some few days ago, I shared a story of my encounter with a widow and her 3 kids begging for survival on the street in Ikeja? Today the Charity City Project Team visited the family at her residence- No. 1 Balogun street, Olabua Compound, Orile-Agege Lagos.

Today, the widow, Mrs Christiana Akinbode, was presented with the sum of N30,000 to enable her to start a petty food business( She intends to start selling cooked rice). We initially budgeted N20,000 for her, but a beloved sister sent us an additional N10,000 to add to the money.

Another beloved brother, who saw the post about the hapless widow, who is willing to support the family, requested to speak to her directly through her personal phone.

This prompted us to buy her a cell phone, and this will enable our brother and other people who wish to contact and support the family directly to do so.

she could also be supported with more funds to rent a store and buy more foodstuff to boost the business. This will financially stabilize the family and take them off the street.

The message of this story!

Beloved, this story is not to ‘show up’ or impress you that we can help people No!

Rather, it is our own practical way of preaching the authentic gospel of Christ-The gospel of love and compassion.

Look for poor widows around you and put smiles on their faces. God bless you richly.

Together we can create a world where nobody lives in lack!

Many thanks to our beloved sister who sent an additional N10,000, and indeed we appreciate all those who believe in our ministry and this widow empowerment project, and have made a generous donation to enable us to put smiles on the faces of the poor widows and their families.

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