‘Widows are traumatized and oppressed by the families of their deceased husbands’ – Azemobor Gregory in an explosive interview with the Nations Newspaper (1 December 2018)

Azemobor Gregory

Azemobor Gregory In an explosive interview with The Nigerian Tribune advocating for the rights of Widows in Nigeria.

The Azemobor Gregory Foundation believes strongly that society has a responsibility to protect a widow from being oppressed and traumatized by the families of her deceased husband.

The time has come for us to rise up in unison to say No to the barbaric culture that exploits vulnerable widows and their hapless children. The maltreatment of widows is a grievous crime against God and humanity. Those that perpetrate such evil acts may not escape the wrath of God unless they repent from their wrongful ways.

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Azemobor Gregory

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