Spirituality of Money – Apostle Azemobor Gregory.


The Spirituality of Money.

Making money and becoming wealthy is largely a product of spiritual consciousness than physical effort.

Spirituality in this context has nothing to do with your religious beliefs or practice, but the metaphysical knowledge of how to manifest your desires through spiritual awareness, Everything Is Spiritual let me explain further.

Spirit is all we are, Spirit is All-That-Is. That includes not just us living, breathing creatures, but EVERYTHING. It’s all one thing, You can call it Consciousness, You can call it Spirit, Energy, It doesn’t matter, because it’s all one and the same.

Here’s the thing, guys: Without Consciousness, There Is Nothing! You can phrase that however, you want. Without spirit, there is nothing. Without energy, there is nothing. You Have a Frequency, you are energy, I’m energy.

We all are, at the very core strip away the drama of our lives, the costumes of our bodies, and that’s what we are, Energy.

The only reason we’re all experiencing life differently is that we have different rates at which we vibrate. Energy vibrates at different frequencies, To the point, if you vibrate health, you experience health. If you vibrate wealth, you experience that. You also draw all the other people that are vibrating at that same frequency with you, and you create experiences that manifest wealth. You have a frequency as relates to everything in your life – including money.

What’s your frequency? You can tell, based on how you feel. Now, ask yourself, honestly, how do you feel about money? That should tell you exactly where you’re vibrating at.

Money Has A Frequency Too! Really, It does. If you’re always broke, then you know, you’re not at the same frequency as money. It’s that simple.

You can’t be on the same frequency as money, and not have any.

Do you know someone who gets a windfall of cash, but after a short while, they can’t explain how or why it’s gone? Are you this someone? Does it happen way too often? You should check that you’re on the same frequency as money.

Abundance is all Around You, Understand something – money is simply a symbol. It’s a representation of wealth, not wealth itself. You have to begin to acknowledge the abundance all around you – the abundance that you are.

Abundance is the ability to do what you want to do when you need to do it. So, it’s not just money that can allow that. A friend could offer to buy you tickets to a show you’ve been wanting to see. You could stumble on something valuable to sell.

It’s not just about money, once you train yourself to recognize the abundance that is around you, then and only then can you become attracted to more of abundance, and that includes money!

Azemobor Gregory is an apostle of humanity and a spiritual teacher.

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