Why! Why!! Why!! By Apostle Azemobor Gregory.



❌Why would you let your accounts grow to millions while your brother’s child is going barefooted?

❌Why would you put clothes you don’t wear in the bin while someone out there is almost going naked?

❌Why would food rot in your house while there is someone out there sleeping hungry?

❌Why will you see a business opportunity and hide it without sharing it with your friends when you know you won’t use it?

❌Why will you be in a position to help someone get a promotion or a new job and you keep it because the person is not from your family, tribe or religion?

❌Why will you defame your brother or sister just because you don’t want someone to help them?

Until each of us become mindful of the questions above and strive in our own little ways to provide practical answers to them, society would continue on this path of degeneracy.

Let’s start focusing on what pleases Our Creator And Humanity.

This is the true religion, helping the needy and being there for those who do not have a voice.

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